Fun Fortune Teller

This act combines psychic ability with humour and performance at its best. An exciting entertainer who mesmerises minds as she mingles.

Your guests will be laughing in sheer delight and shock as Amelie reveals how much she knows from palms, crystal ball readings and tarot cards.

The interaction of this mystical act is very versatile. She can blow the minds of small groups with fun, fast readings roaming the room, or sit down at the dinner table and dazzle its diners. For a more personal approach, she can be stationed, allowing your most intrigued guests to approach her for a longer, more intimate reading.


WELL DONE!!! Client delirious... - J Lovell, PR Agency

Everyone thought you were brilliant and I’ve had loads of comments saying how uncannily accurate you were. - K Hampton, Event Organiser, Charity Fundraiser

Have you been listening to our conversations? - Events Team at Madame Tussauds