Mind Readers

This duo baffle audiences with a wide range of mind reading, and magical effects designed to keep any audience captivated.

They specialise in close-up and stage mind reading consisting of multiple feats of mental dexterity. This includes a very rare form of mind reading called ‘second sight’ where Marina is able to effectively see through the eyes of others without the aid of vision, electronics or funny spoken codes.

James’ background is heavily focused on close-up magic, meaning that he mixes and mingles with small groups of people while performing award winning sleight of hand, misdirection and psychological illusions. Using cards, coins and borrowed objects, James’ magic has been leaving people spellbound all over the world.


I'm in total awe of you and your power. It was incredible - David Walliams

It was mind blowing from start to finish. It was amazing! - Simon Cowell

That was highly entertaining. Great job, well done! - Alesha Dixon